In the press

  • "Ready for your weekend breakfast? We bring you the lazy girls egg white omelette."
  • "The new omelette mix would make it easy for 'people to buy into the LA lifestyle' "
  • "Healthy snacks bronze award 2016 - Chirps Sour Cream and Onion"
  • "Even the busiest mums can enjoy these sources of cholesterol-free, low-carb protein..."
  • "Whites are key to whipping up a success"
  • "Nigella Lawson Used our product in a Christmas TV Special."
  • "As with the egg whites, the idea came from wanting a product and not being able to find it. There is nothing like this that is high in protein and low carb as a snack"
  • "Now Two Chicks is available in more than 1,000 outlets, including Waitrose, Tesco and Ocado, and is also exported to countries including France, Finland and the UAE"
  • "Fledgling entrepreneurs Anna Richey and Alla Chapples are undaunted by the recession."
  • Sweet, marshmallowy meringue which I make with Two chicks’ free-range egg whites. I saw Monica use these on MasterChef: The Professionals, and if they’re good enough for her, they’re good enough for me!

    Nigella Lawson