What happens to the yolks?

Rest assured they are never wasted. We use them to produce other products, like mayonnaise and ice cream.

Can you freeze Two Chicks egg white?

Yes you can.

The product can be frozen on the day of purchase for up to two years.

It should be defrosted in the refrigerator and used within 24 hours.

However, bear in mind that freezing may reduce the whisking property.

Can you whisk Two Chicks Liquid Egg White?

Yes, however, bear in mind that freezing your Two Chicks liquid egg white will reduce the whisking properties of the egg white.

Remember that the most important factor in whisking egg white is actually the air. As you whisk the egg you introduce air which can increase the volume up to 8 times. Also, it is important to make sure that your whisking bowl and whisk are grease free.

What’s the shelf life of Two Chicks Liquid Egg White?

Two Chicks liquid egg white has a shelf life of around four weeks from purchase (can be frozen for up to two years) and keeps for seven days after opening, meaning you never have to waste time separating eggs again.

I couldn’t find Two Chicks Liquid Egg White at my local supermarket. What can I do?

Have a look in the fridge section by the butter and fats; failing that by the milk or cream. If they do not have it in-store, please request that Two Chicks is stocked. We really appreciate your help and support.

Are Two Chicks products always made from free range eggs?

Yes, at Two Chicks we strongly believe in the welfare of our hens, that’s why they are free to roam.

What's wrong with egg yolk.

The yolk contains all the fat and cholesterol in the egg, whereas the white has none. So if reducing these things is your objective then consuming just the white is a better choice.

Are Two Chicks egg whites ok to be consumed uncooked?

Yes, because our egg whites have been pasteurised.

Should I bring Two Chicks Liquid Egg White to room temperature before I use it?

Please check this. If a recipe for meringues states that eggs should be at room temperature than you may allow the egg white to get to this temperature. We have also found that it is totally fine to use straight out of the fridge.