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Who can apply for FFE?

Future Female Entrepreneur has been created by the Two Chicks Empowerment Fund to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs. We are therefore inviting applications from women ages 18-24. We reserve the right to request proof of eligibility from successful applicants. FFE will take place in the UK and is for UK residents only.

Can FFE participants choose which FFE business owner they will be matched with?

It’s not possible for FFE participants to choose which of our FFE business owners they will spend the day with. However, our application questions ask for details about applicants’ backgrounds, experiences and ambitions, so that we can make relevant matches. Matches will be decided in good faith by the Directors of Two Chicks only. Women who have agreed to host an FFE participant will not be involved in the FFE selection process. All of our FFE business owners have been personally invited to take part in FFE, and share our values to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

Are all FFE applicants guaranteed a place with our FFE business owners?

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee all FFE applicants a place, however, we want to support as many aspiring female entrepreneurs as possible and will keep in touch with all applicants regarding future opportunities.

What will happen during the day FFE participants spend with their FFE business owner?

Whilst we can’t provide a detailed plan for each FFE participant, all of our FFE business owners have committed to a varied schedule that offers unique insights into what it takes to create and lead a business. For example, this could include meeting with clients, attending new business pitches or visiting a manufacturer. All of our FFE business owners will dedicate an hour of their day to supporting their FFE participant with her own business goals; they can review business plans and ideas to offer guidance and expertise.

Will FFE participants receive payment for the day they spend with their FFE business owner?

FFE is not a paid opportunity. Participants will not receive financial renumeration.

Are the FFE business owners paid by Two Chicks Empowerment Fund to host a FFE participant?

FFE business owners have agreed to take part because they share our goal to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs, they have not been paid to take part in FFE.

Are FFE participants required to have a business plan or share their business ideas with their FFE business owner?

Our FFE business owners will dedicate an hour of their day with their FFE participant to provide their own guidance and expertise. This can include reviewing business plans or ideas, however this is optional. There is no requirement for FFE participants  to share any details if they do not wish to.

Can FFE participants pick the date they will spend with their FFE business owner?

FFE will take place between 20th-24th June. We will let all FFE applicants know whether they have been selected by the end of May. All FFE participants will be informed at the start of June which FFE business owner they have been matched with and on which day between 20th-24th June their FFE day will take place.

Can FFE participants share their own content about their FFE day on social media?

FFE participants are welcome to share that they are taking part in FFE on their social media. On their FFE day they will be advised by their FFE business owner about her business’s social media and privacy policy, for example, if she is permitted to take and share photos. We ask that all parties involved in FFE mutually respect each other’s social media preferences, privacy and use of personal and business data.

Can FFE participants and FFE business owners stay in contact after their day together?

Should they wish to, FFE participants and FFE business owners are welcome to keep in contact after their day together. This is a personal choice, there is no requirement by either party to remain in contact.

Will FFE participants be offered employment after their day with our FFE business owners?

FFE is an opportunity for aspiring female entrepreneurs to spend the day with an established female entrepreneur for one day at her business. FFE business owners are not required or expected to offer employment to their FFE participant. However, after their day together, FFE participants and business owners can maintain a relationship if they wish.

Will transport and accommodation be provided to FFE participants?

FFE participants are expected to arrange and pay for their own transport and accommodation (if necessary)  for their FFE day. FFE participants facing hardship that prevents them from taking part are asked to contact empowerment@twochicks.co.uk for advice. We cannot guarantee financial assistance but will provide support where possible.

What is the Two Chicks Empowerment Fund?

The Two Chicks Empowerment Fund is a charitable trust made possible with ten percent of Two Chicks profits. The aim of The Fund is to help girls and young women to achieve their potential through empowerment. You can watch a short video here.

Will FFE participants have to sign any documents in advance of their day?

Depending on their FFE business owner, FFE participants may have to sign documents in relation to privacy and / or intellectual property. More details will be provided after FFE matches have been confirmed. If FFE participants wish to share confidential details in relation to their own intellectual property or business ideas, they may request that their FFE business owner signs an NDA. This must be arranged in advance. It is the responsibility of the FFE participant to provide her own NDA.

Will there be anyone FFE participants can contact with questions or concerns during their day?

All FFE participants will be provided with contact details of someone they can reach at any point during their FFE day. Before their FFE day participants will be sent a briefing pack that includes comprehensive details to prepare.

FFE Publicity

We reserve the right to publicise details about FFE. We will always seek permission from participants and / or business owners before including any information about them in our publicity. Participants and businesses have the option to decline to be included in any FFE publicity.

Cancellation of changes to the FFE initiative

Cancellation or changes to FFE will be avoided, however, we reserve the right to cancel or make changes to the initiative if we deem this necessary.

Sharing of details between matched FFE participants and FFE business owners

When we have matched an FFE participant with an FFE business owner we will share the participants application with the business owner in advance of their FFE day together, in order that the business owner can best prepare for their FFE Day. We will also share essential details with participants and business owners that are required for the facilitation of their FFE day, including, but not limited to name, email address and phone number. FFE participants are not required to share their own business plans or ideas as part of the FFE application process. 

Our storage of FFE applications, processing of personal data and liability for FFE applications


All application details will be kept in confidence and in compliance with UK data protection rules. We will only process personal information as set out in our privacy notice. Applications will not be returned, and we are not liable for lost or delayed applications.


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